Digital Hauteur Magazine Issue 1: Warfare

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Digital Hauteur Magazine Issue 1: Warfare

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Are you tired of the conventional courses and products being peddled on matters completely irrelevant to you?

Have you searched or waited for a product that is not for the plebian, aesthetic and impactful?

The most exclusive Twitter product has been created with meticulous attention to detail which you can now purchase as a digital magazine.

Imagine this, it's weekend.

You worked the WHOLE week.

You earned a break. A treat. Something to pamper yourself with.

But not some stupid candy, chocalate, soyflix.

No. You're a cut above the rest. Not a pleb.

You like History, WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, The Afgan, Iraqi War.

You're a History Buff. You know your stuff.

You like military Classics like the Art of War, Book of Five Rings.

You want to grab something, as a refresher of your expertise on these things.

You want to immerse yourself in culture, and art.

You sit down at your coffee table. Grab a good scotch. Strong, and complex, and significant.

You're winding down, it's weekend, you've earned it.

You grab HAUTEUR the Magazine, The First Issue.

You put on some cool Jazz, sip the strong smooth whiskey.

You start leafing through the magazine.

You lose track of time. You're in a temporal vortex, spanning pages, but moreso spanning across battles, and war.

This is what Hauteur Magazine does for you.

It costs, more than the average bullshit product. But that's beside the point.

The magazine in your hands is just something you earned.

Imagine someone sitting across from you, and you say, Hey look at My Hauteur.

Hauteur gives you an experience, which lasts a life time.

I want this!
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